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Connect Space’s mobile app is revolutionizing how event planners approach B2B events. With matchmaking and networking, your attendees can now connect with people they actually want to meet, all on one mobile app.

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Make Better Connections

Are you tired of attending events where you don't meet anyone who can help you grow your business? Are you looking for a more efficient way to network with potential partners or customers? Connect Space is the answer. 

Our mobile app is designed to help you make meaningful connections with fellow attendees at events. Whether you're a startup founder looking for investors or a business owner searching for new clients, we have the tools you need.

With Connect Space, you can create a detailed profile highlighting your skills, interests, and business goals. Our app uses this information to match you with other attendees who share your interests, skillset, and personality, making it easier than ever to start conversations that turn into lasting business relationships.

Custom Matchmaking
Send Push Notifications
VIP Networking

Personalized Business Matchmaking

Not sure who to approach at an event? Connect Space is here to help. Our app provides personalized recommendations for who to connect with based on your profile and past activity. This ensures that you meet the people who are most likely to be valuable to you and your business.

Matchmaking is also customizable so you can create VIP sections for networking between elite attendees.

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Send Updates on the Go

Connect Space isn't just about finding new connections. Our app also helps you stay in touch with the people you meet at events. You can use our messaging feature to follow up with new contacts, schedule meetings and send push notifications. 

And the best part? Connect Space is incredibly easy to use. The app is designed to be intuitive and our team will be on-site for live event support so you can focus on delighting attendees and tracking engagement.

How to Use the Mobile App:

  • Download the Connect Space app from the App Store or Google Play
  • Create a profile and specify your interests and business goals
  • Browse the list of attendees at the event and send connection requests to those who interest you
  • Receive personalized recommendations for who to connect with based on your profile and past activity

Ready to get started? Contact Connect Space today to elevate the experience for attendees at your next event.  

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Case Study

Pure Michigan Business Connect Case Study

With Connect Space, Pure Michigan Business Connect has attained an average of 90% meeting attendance for 40+ Summits annually.

New Contracts Generated
Purchasing Companies
Jobs Supported

Using this management software has exceeded my expectations, and has also provided unique ways to improve the overall event experience.

Robert Chasnis

Development & Operations Manager

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