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In the dynamic film & theater industry, forging connections is essential for building a long career. Our innovative networking platform specializes in closing the gap between professionals in the film & theater industry, utilizing innovative event technology and our custom matchmaking algorithm. By diving deep into the distinct needs, preferences, and aspirations of each event attendee, we catalyze meaningful interactions that transcend mere introductions by nurturing collaboration. Whether you're an up-and-coming filmmaker, a seasoned playwright, an actor, or a behind-the-scenes executive, our service guarantees you're not just building your contact list—you're connecting with the best talent at just the right moment and for all the right reasons.

10x Networking Contacts at Your Film & Theater Industry Event

Transform networking at your events with our custom matchmaking app designed for connecting those in the film & theater industry. The Connect Space algorithm specializes in bringing together filmmakers, actors, directors, producers, and theater executives, encouraging the formation of significant professional relationships. Benefit from custom matchmaking that aligns participants based on shared artistic vision, career objectives, and mutual interests.

Top Features
Custom Matchmaking
User-friendly Mobile App
Event Analytics
On-site Event Specialists

Matchmaking for Film & Theater Professionals

Use our innovative matchmaking algorithm to forge connections with other industry game changers who mirror your artistic vision and professional ambitions. Whether you’re on the lookout for a new project partner, a creative collaborator, or a new star, Connect Space guarantees that you connect with the best contacts at the right time.


Exclusive VIP Networking for Film and Theater Events

Create a space for elite film and theater networking. Our VIP networking platform allows event hosts to cultivate relationships with leading influencers and decision-makers in an intimate environment.

Live Support for Film and Theater Events

Elevate your film screenings, theater premieres, and industry gatherings with our full suite of live event support services. From badge printing to efficient attendee check-in systems, we simplify event logistics, allowing you to concentrate on creating unforgettable event experience.

Case Study

Pure Michigan Business Connect

With Connect Space, Pure Michigan Business Connect has attained an average of 90% meeting attendance for 40+ Summits annually.

New Contracts Generated
Purchasing Companies
Jobs Supported

Using this management software has exceeded my expectations, and has also provided unique ways to improve the overall event experience.

Robert Chasnis

Development & Operations Manager


Is Connect Space useful for both film and theater professionals?

Absolutely! Connect Space is a valuable tool for anyone in the film and theater industry, regardless of discipline. Our platform helps connect filmmakers, actors, directors, playwrights, stage crews, and other industry professionals.

Can Connect Space be used to promote film screenings and theater productions?

While Connect Space isn't a dedicated event ticketing platform, it can be a useful tool to promote your screenings and productions. You can share event details with your network and potentially reach new audiences.

How can theater companies use Connect Space to build relationships with patrons?

Theater companies can use Connect Space to create a community around their productions. They can share updates, offer exclusive content, and foster discussions with patrons.

Can film festivals leverage Connect Space to connect with filmmakers?

Yes! Film festivals can use Connect Space to connect with filmmakers and promote submission opportunities. Additionally, filmmakers can network with other creators and industry professionals attending the festival.


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