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Promote more business connections among event attendees and hosts. Our B2B event matchmaking software is designed to revolutionize the way professionals network and collaborate at industry events. With a customizable tagging structure, user-friendly mobile app, and comprehensive data reports, Connect Space has everything planners need to make their next event a success.

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Unlock Your Event’s Potential with B2B Matchmaking Software

By combining a customizable tagging structure, an intuitive mobile app, and comprehensive custom data reports, Connect Space's B2B event matchmaking software empowers event planners and attendees to come together. 

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Peer-to-Peer Matchmaking
Facilitated Matching
Customizable Tag Structure
Data & Reporting

Custom Attendee Tagging Structure

Connect Space's B2B event matchmaking software is built around our unique and customizable tagging structure. Attendees can create personalized profiles, highlighting their areas of expertise, interests, and objectives directly in the app. Our innovative matchmaking algorithm then uses these tags to suggest relevant and valuable connections, ensuring that every interaction at your event is meaningful and beneficial.

The customizable tagging structure provides unmatched flexibility, allowing a facilitator to tailor the networking experience to suit the industry or event. Whether you're organizing a tech conference, trade show, or a summit, Connect Space's B2B matchmaking guarantees an enjoyable networking experience for all attendees.

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Intuitive Mobile App

Our user-friendly mobile app brings the power of Connect Space's B2B event matchmaking software to your attendees' fingertips. With a user-friendly interface and seamless integration with our desktop platform, our mobile app ensures that your guests can network on the go.

Mobile App Features:

  • Real-time matchmaking suggestions based on profile tags
  • An interactive event schedule and agenda, with personalized recommendations
  • In-app messaging for private and secure communication between attendees
  • A customizable attendee list for easy browsing and connection requests
  • A digital business card exchange for effortless networking
  • The Connect Space mobile app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices

Custom Data Reports for Insights and Analysis

The Connect Space app doesn't stop at providing a superior networking experience; we also offer comprehensive custom data reports to track the event's success. These reports provide valuable insights into key event statistics, such as the number of connections made, the most popular tags, and attendee engagement levels.

Custom Data Report Include:

  • Analysis of event success and identify areas for improvement
  • Gain insights into attendee preferences and behavior
  • Determine the most effective tags 
  • Measure the ROI of your event and demonstrate its value to stakeholders
  • Our custom data reports are designed to help you optimize future B2B events, ensuring that each one is more successful than the last.
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Case Study

Pure Michigan Business Connect Case Study

With Connect Space, Pure Michigan Business Connect has attained an average of 90% meeting attendance for 40+ Summits annually.

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Using this management software has exceeded my expectations, and has also provided unique ways to improve the overall event experience.

Robert Chasnis

Development & Operations Manager

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