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As part of a professional association, establishing meaningful connections is vital for fostering growth and propelling your career. Our B2B networking platform is specifically designed to close the gap between professionals within various industries using our custom matchmaking algorithm. We identify the unique needs, preferences, and objectives of each professional association member to facilitate interactions that extend beyond simple introductions by encouraging collaboration and meaningful discussions. Whether your attendees are new to the association, a long-time member, or outside executives seeking to expand their network, the Connect Space app ensures they’re not just making new contacts—but connecting with the ideal colleagues at the perfect time for mutual benefit.

10x Networking Contacts at Your Annual Professional Association Event

Transform networking at your professional association's annual events with our matchmaking app. The Connect Space algorithm is specialized in bringing together members from various sectors, encouraging meaningful professional relationships to form. Our event matchmaking app matches members based on shared interests, career goals, and industry knowledge.

Top Features
Custom Matchmaking
User-friendly Mobile App
Event Analytics
On-site Event Specialists

Custom Matchmaking for Professional Growth

Employ our advanced B2B matchmaking algorithm to link up with fellow professionals who mirror your career vision and ambitions. Whether seeking mentorship, collaboration, or strategic partnerships, Connect Space ensures you connect with the right individuals at the right moment.


VIP Networking for Professional Associations

Create exclusive networking activities that are tailored for senior members and VIPs at professional association events. Our VIP networking experience offers a rare chance to forge relationships with industry leaders and key decision-makers in a close-knit setting, enhancing your professional network and influence.

Comprehensive Event Support for Professional Association Events

Elevate your association's annual conferences, seminars, and other events with our 360-degree live event support services. From streamlined badge printing to efficient attendee check-in systems, we simplify the logistics so you can concentrate on creating impactful connections and memorable experiences.


And so much more

Case Study

Pure Michigan Business Connect

With Connect Space, Pure Michigan Business Connect has attained an average of 90% meeting attendance for 40+ Summits annually.

New Contracts Generated
Purchasing Companies
Jobs Supported

Using this management software has exceeded my expectations, and has also provided unique ways to improve the overall event experience.

Robert Chasnis

Development & Operations Manager


How can Connect Space benefit professional associations?

Professional associations rely on fostering meaningful connections among members. Connect Space goes beyond simple directories by using smart algorithms to suggest high-value connections based on shared interests and goals. This can help your members network more efficiently and develop valuable relationships.

Can Connect Space be used for specific events or conferences?

Connect Space integrates seamlessly with your existing events by providing a branded mobile app for attendee networking. This can be particularly useful for conferences where fostering connections is a key goal.

Is Connect Space Secure?

Data security is a top priority for Connect Space. We employ industry-standard security measures to safeguard user information. However, it's always recommended to review our privacy policy for more details.



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