About Connect Space

We are learners, explorers, and connectors dedicated to creating opportunities for the great teams that use our tools daily.


About Connect Space

Connect Space creates vibrant event attendee ecosystems where connections are forged, boundaries are pushed, and learning never ceases, with the aim of fueling growth.

We strive to make Connect Space synonymous with “opportunity.” It's more than a buzzword to us; it permeates every interaction on our platform. Our core values are the compass that guides us.

Connection reflects our unwavering belief in the transformative power of networking and building relationships. 

Learning is the heartbeat of our evolution. We ignite the spark of learning by creating a custom platform that keeps pace with the shifting priorities of event management and arming our users with the tools and knowledge to succeed. 

Exploration is the spirit of Connect Space. We champion the audacity to question, the boldness to take risks, and the tenacity to innovate. We journey beyond the horizon to push what’s possible.

Connect Space’s culture is a tapestry of vibrant threads, each interwoven to create a dynamic, inclusive culture, an incubator for opportunities, and a beacon for businesses to grow through networking and relationship building. 


The Connect Space Difference

We started by building a great event app, yet the more we built, we realized event management is about much more than creating an agenda and registration.

The value of events has always been the ability to forge valuable relationships, and we believe our software helps you make those connections. Connect Space’s mission is to provide mobile-friendly software that enables organizations to facilitate valuable business connections between the members and customers they serve. 

Connect Space is an easy-to-use, all-in-one event management platform. We provide organizations the flexibility and tools to support their goals for live, hybrid, and virtual events on a private mobile application. Most if not all, other event technology companies are built from an engineer's or audience member's perspectives.

Connect Space is based in Ann Arbor, MI, USA, with offices in Detroit, MI, USA. We serve customers across America and event attendees from around the world.

— Connect Space Team

Curiosity is King

We wouldn't be where we are today if we didn't constantly ask "How can we make this even better?", and we never want to stop asking. We have an open idea policy, because no one should ever feel afraid to bring up any idea, regardless of how crazy they think it is, because often it’s the crazy ideas that change the world.


We Love Our Team

From the hardworking planners that use our software to the brilliant team members that improve it each day, we never want to forget the brilliant people of Connect Space are at the core of what we do.

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